About Us...

The story behind Herbal Creations:

As a 17 year old girl Esther King grew up in Lancaster PA. and worked in her parents Health Food Store... One day a customer requested a salve that they didn't stock, Esther thought the salve sounded wonderful and easy to make, so she agreed to try it... She made it and it worked beautifully and  from there she started dreaming of things she could make, and started out with salves, lip balms and other body care products. Therefore the name Herbal Creations.


After seven years of selling only to stores, but still being to busy to do everything alone plus do everything she wanted to do, she made a tough decision to sell the salve part to Green Forest Soap and Salves in Georgetown PA... Continuing to make the Reed Diffusers and sell to local stores and at shows proved to not be what she wanted either, she still wanted more items...


Carefully made with Love....

 In 2020 we decided to add more products and  started looking for ladies that want to make unique products exclusively just for Herbal Creations. And that's where we added the "& More". We now have all kinds of beautifully made Kid's and Baby apparel and necessities, things to make Mom life easier plus home fragrances and decor, really anything that is handmade and unique.

Our goal and vision is to supply stores with quality, unique, handcrafted items, plus we recently added a retail online store to help make shopping easier for everyone..

These items are made by talented and gifted ladies from around the community, we hope to be adding new items  often and hope you will find them as exciting and beautifully made as we do !


Questions, comments or special requests? Get in touch today, we’re happy to help. We also love to hear from our previous customers.



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