About Herbal Creations & More

Hi, my name is Esther King and I grew up in Lancaster PA.The name Herbal Creations first started when I was seventeen, I was working in my parents health food store and started dreaming of things I could make, I started out with salves,lip balms and other body care products, a few years later I got married to a wonderful, country boy and my #1 supporter, the business soon became more than I could handle alone, and I ended up selling the salve business to Green Forest Soaps, but continued with the natural reed diffusers. In 2020 I decided to add more products and  started looking for ladies that want to make unique products exclusively just for Herbal Creations. And that's where we added the "& More". We now have all kinds of Kid's and Baby Clothing, things to make Mom life easier and home fragrances and decor, plus we are always looking for handmade products and adding to our line continuously.

Our goal and vision is to supply you with quality, unique, handcrafted items, that will please your customers and keep them coming back for more...

These items are made by talented and gifted ladies from around the community, we hope to be adding new items  often and hope you will find them as exciting and beautifully made as we do !!!


Questions, comments or special requests? Get in touch today, we’re happy to help.


81 Clugston Rd

Newville PA 17241


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